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Educational Content

Expand your reach, and share the love of what you teach.

Education has fundamentally changed over the last year, with remote learning becoming incredibly common and video content essential to reaching the most amount of students possible.


This transition from live lessons to virtual content can be overwhelming, but Better Together is here to help. Our team is ready to take your lectures and turn them into engaging and informative videos, easy to distribute and accessible to whoever needs them.


Whether creating essential training videos for employees, filming Seminars and Classes for on demand viewing or livestreams, or converting an entire school curriculum into a video library, we have you covered!


Client Spotlight
The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts

The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (NCDA) is an Accredited School of Higher Education in the fields of Theater and Film based in Washington DC. Working with NCDA, Better Together converted their entire curriculum into a series of fully produced video lectures. This included 60 courses and 200 hours of total videos, each representing a different lecture in courses as varied as Story Structure and Movement. ​

Man Filming Video


  • Convert your Classroom Curriculum into Digital Lectures for Online Learning

  • Create Training Videos for Clients or Employees 

  • Film Lectures, Classes, and Seminars for On Demand Viewing

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