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Company Culture

Sometimes the most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves.

Creating a Company Culture is a never ending effort. Better Together is here to equip you with the tools to engage, excite and energize your community.

 define your brand and values to those who have already opted in.


These projects are internal facing and help build a unified history for your organization, create a common culture, celebrate the achievements of your personnel, and bring your organization’s communication tools to the next level.


Whether documenting your important moments, awarding your talent with recognition, or allowing you to literally speak to your supporters, Better Together is ready to optimize the way you see yourself.


Client Spotlight 

The Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Association of Greater Washington (CREBA) is a membership organization serving the area's Real Estate and Brokerage professionals through education, networking, and recognition. Their annual Awards Ceremony is a significant part of their mission, honoring some of the top leaders in their field ever year. With an all virtual event needed in 2021, CREBA commissioned Better Together to put together a series of Award Videos that would highlight these tremendous accomplishments and help bring the community together despite not being able to gather in the same room.


Event Videography

  • Documentary Style Footage

  • Award Videos and Event Packages

  • Video Greetings or Announcements for

  • Conferences or Online Newsletters

  • Transitioning your traditionally Live

  • Events into a Virtual Space

  • And More!

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